pop funko collectibles

I started thinking the other day about an article in Rolling Stone magazine that I had read about two years ago.  I had always been into action figure collecting.  I was addicted from the womb, really.  I was 6 years old or so when I started to collect He-Man and Star Wars action figures.  Even Mask figures, although they were a bit smaller than I liked. M.A.S.K. was the shizzle…and that’s going to have to be a different blog post.  (I may have to actually turn this into a classical (80s) cartoon blog, too.  More to follow…

Anyway, back to the lecture at hand.  Funko POP Vinyls are here to stay.  They have huge collection addiction propensity, or as I like to call it “CAP”.  The CAP on Pop Funko is huge…and it’s done purposely.  The company has more than 200 active licenses from movies, cartoons, entertainment, etc.  POP Funko creates vinyl collectibles for real and fictional characters.  If the franchise or brand is main stream and has a large or cult following, then chances are that POP has a license in it.  Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Avengers, video games franchises, bands, etc.

This is done purposely.  It’s genius.

So, in years past the people who made action figures needed to concentrate on one franchise, two maybe…three tops.  But a company like Funko is doing the opposite.  They’re targeting everything that has a following and, even those people who wouldn’t traditionally by “toys”, finds it hard to not buy their favorites.

And those people who will collect everything of a type that they decide to collect, the “real sickos” lol , will have to…need to to…have them all.  No..not Pokemon…but Funko POP Vinyls!

Also, there are other services like Loot Crate that often have a vinyl figure among the collectibles that are sent out.  And let’s face it, the vinyls aren’t that expensive.  Get them when they’re released, before they become rare and collected…and you get a good deal for

I talked to a guy the other day who has 150 in his living room, all still neatly packaged.  BUT…he has a climate controlled storage locker FULL OF THEM as well.  He has the collection insured for $30k.  Who is this rich guy you ask?  He’s a the piercer at the local tattoo joint.

Yeah, Funko POPs are here to stay.  As long as pop culture keeps creating franchises and crazes…then Funko will get their hands on a license and create those cute, neat-o little vinly bastards with big round heads.