Gaming has long been a way of life for Americans. As the ability to game spread world-wide and as the growing MMORP (massively muti-player online role playing_ games has grown in popularity…gaming is no longer a solitary thing that we do by ourselves for hour on end.  Gaming is now a social event with online gaming, clans, social media groups,etc.

With the advent of super-popular games that are team-based and massively played online, these first person shooters (FPS) are currently the King of the Online Gaming World.  Sure, there are still wondrous, gigantic solo adventures like The Witcher III, Red Dead Redemption, and the Fallout and Far Cry series, but even many of those games have incorporated some sort of online, social gaming to their games.  Sites like show just how popular gaming has become, along with sites like and Kotaku.  Gaming is no longer a past-time but to many at the least gaming is a serious hobby or a way of life. Professional gamers are often paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in sponsorship dollars as eSports start professional leagues around the worldl

So, for instance, in our world of doll and action figure collecting while it still mostly a closeted hobby, gamers have found a way to bring their passions to the heart-beat of the World.  Asia is a hot-spot of eSports and professional game teams with Korean teams often in heavy competition with American and national teams for world domination.  (No where is that more evident than at the past Blizzcon).

There actually “celebrity” gamers who make a full time living simply broadcasting (“streaming”) their online gameplay and tips…or getting tons and tons of views on YouTube with tutorials.  Gaming has become big big business.  Doll collecting still remains a back room hobby that, at best, has “well known” collectors only in the smallest of circles.

We, doll and action figure collectors also spend more money, believe it or not.  Yes, video games are expensive but gamers can usually spend hundreds of hour mastering and enjoying the latest hot games while doll collectors are more keep to buy, admire and pack away.  Right?