Time to go back to the 1980s, where everyone collected action figures advertised on television. The creators Robert Sweet and Mark Taylor originally visualized the product to appear warriorlike. A favorite was the male dolls, aka action figures. Any action figure associated with the action figure He-Man was popular. All He-Man action figures was the best He-Man action figures you need to have. You’re going back to a time where this doll was heavily marketed and even had its own television show. Besides He-Man-He-Man, there was also the He-Man action figures called Skeletor, Sy-Klone, Teela, Scareglow, Mosquitor, Faker, Trap-Jaw and Roboto too. The He-Man product held the interest of boys as well as girls.

Fascinating Action Figures

A Blast from an Action Figure Past

He-Man action figures were similar to Ken dolls but with more spunk. They are all the best He-Man action figures you need to have. All the He-Man action figures were set to look as alpha male as possible. The chest was broad with a six pack built in. Every action figure had a comic book that came with it. There was also the other set of the whole action figure crew. Skeletor was a heavily built wizard whose own head was a skull. Trap-Jaw had multiple arms and a steel jaw. Scareglow was a human skeleton wearing a cap. Faker was a creepy robot built to impersonate He-Man. Mosquitor was built to have a chest plate where blood was shown to squelch around. Teela was a female action figure. She was captain of the royal guard and held responsibilities when it came to training the Prince Adam of Eternia. She was one of the earlier characters. Roboto had a clear chest which spun around when he moved. Sy-klone’s body parts also spun around. His arms and torso spun so he could creepily through a punch. The shape and structure of He-Man was dull compared to the rest of the crew. He appeared steroid infused with a bad tan. He at least wanted to defend the realm of Eternia though. All of these figures looked like they would rip your head off, but they were about nobility and the desire of stopping the force of evil.

A Now Profitable Action Figure

The He-man action figures, has gone up in value. You could bid on Ebay and purchase on Amazon with a bid starting higher than fifty dollars. In 2010 The Power And Honor foundation was founded. The focus of this organization was keeping up high value on behalf of the artists that had created these products. You are now in a world of high-quality vintage. So if you’re interested in possibly owning an action figure, consider buying the He-Man action figure. Buy the product for a thousand and watch it accumulate in value. It has the potential to value at millions. So keep your eyes peeled and be aware of fakes. So besides having the quality figure just for vintage-y prestige purpose, profit or whatever, all of these products are the best He-Man action figures you need to have.